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Chapter 8 - Bob and Mary have a little plan

So back to the Process; I mentioned earlier that they had been described in 1965 as ‘Suppressive Persons’, in other words persona non grata for having had the temerity to leave Scientology. In reality they had actually attained a high level of training and had, seemingly, absconded with Scientology’s ‘auditing’, aka brainwashing, techniques which they were now plying for themselves as ‘Compulsion Analysis’. 
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However, according to L. Ron Hubbard it was not the fact that the de Grimston’s had appropriated Scientology’s methods and equipment and were openly hawking it for their own benefit and profit that worried him, but that this may lead to negative publicity for own his alien-based pseudo-religion!

Clearly then, only Scientology approved nutters can conduct brainwashing sessions!

If one reads the Penthouse article Hubbard Jr. gives a damn good explanation of what happens to those that are deemed Suppressive Personalities.

“It was straight blackmail. It was “Stay in the fold or else.” Then, later on, they developed what they called an ethics review board. If you didn’t toe the mark, you’d be put on trial in front of a kangaroo court and then be sentenced to maybe scrub floors. I heard that you had to walk around with a dirty rag tied around your arm like a badge. You could be made to do anything. You would be locked in a chain locker or handcuffed to a bed. This is in later years. We were simpler in the fifties, more direct. I just went out and beat them up”.

And yet none of this seems to have happened to Bob and Mary, despite the fact that not only have they left Scientology with full knowledge of all its working practices but they have had the bare-faced cheek to walk, highly visibly, around London dressed in bizarre black capes and to openly recruit from the same pool of inbred, trust-fund financed simpletons that the Scientologists are so fond of exploiting.

Which is curious do you not think? No serious attempts to stop them, no beatings, no coercion and no legal threats for stealing property, both physical and intellectual. One might even conclude that Hubbard and his cohorts were quite happy for the de Grimstons to set up as a rival organisation.

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Furthermore, according to the official Process timeline above they have been practising ‘Compulsion Analysis’ since 1963, yet it takes until December 1965 for big, bad L. Ron to issue the declaration of suppression. Why the delay?

The official Process timeline also tells us that by 1964 Bob and Mary were operating out of Wigmore Street in London. This electoral register for 1965 gives us the precise address; they were living at 12-14 Cavendish Court, Wigmore Street, Marylebone, London, W1.

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The charmingly entitled book Love, Sex, Fear, Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgement by Process member Timothy Wyllie tells us that they had been living there since 1963.

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This contradicts the official timeline which states that they moved in in 1964, however, it is curious in the extreme that they could afford to rent such a ‘high-priced and spacious apartment’ given that they had no obvious source of income or employment. Clearly they are being sponsored by someone.

12-14 Wigmore Street is a multi-storey property that contains both commercial and residential units and has been further sub-divided into flats; however, in 1965 there are only two other people listed as living there: Brenda Dean and Earl de Wolfe.

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12-14 Wigmore Street
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Floor Plan
As you can see from the floor-plan the apartment contained a tenanted flat within. Presumably designed to house a butler, or domestic servant of some type, it could well have been used to house the two penniless founders of The Process: Church of the Final Judgement and provide them with an appearance of wealth and respectability that would come from allying themselves with the Harley Street medical practitioners.

The property itself also has an interesting history.

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Interesting in the sense that the man who had rebuilt the premises, Sir Bernard Waley–Cohen, was a former Lord Mayor of London and the major player, with his father Robert, behind a group known as The Focus Group, amongst whose contacts included Louis Mountbatten. This shadowy, sinister organisation is rumoured by the author and historian David Irving to have been secretly funding Churchill and of being one of the key orchestrators behind the creation of Zionist Israel. Waley-Cohen was also the Chairman of the Rothschild-controlled Shell Oil company. Sir Robert Waley-Cohen and Victor Rothschild were both, allegedly, named on a Gestapo list of British Soviet spies.

Time then to study the two people with whom the de Grimston’s shared their luxury abode: Earl F de Wolfe and Brenda Dean.

Chapter 9

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