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Chapter 14 - Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Let us return to JFK’s acid peddling squeeze Mary Pinchot Meyer.

Mary Pinchot Meyer
Mary, like her husband Cord, was a convert to the one-world-government school of US global domination despite having been brought up in a left leaning family and having herself developed an interest in communism whilst a student. Whilst Cord busied himself shinning up the slippery pole of the CIA hierarchy the couple developed a friendship with Kathleen Graham, the wife of the aforementioned journalist Phillip Graham.

However, the Meyers marriage was destined not to survive and by 1958 Mary had filed for a divorce from the binds of Cord. By 1961 Mary was meeting JFK at the White House where she successfully managed to get her hands into the President’s pants. Reportedly the pair ‘had “about 30 trysts” and at least one author has claimed she brought marijuana or LSD to almost all of these meetings.’ Mary, it seems, was the queen of multi-tasking; she could simultaneously give blow jobs and blow your mind!

Sadly I have been unable to confirm who this mysterious author was but Timothy Leary, the ‘60s hippie and acid guru, claims that:

“She was taking part in a plan to avert worldwide nuclear war by convincing powerful male members of the Washington establishment to take mind-altering drugs, which would presumably lead them to conclude that the Cold War was meaningless.”

Ok, I get it, she didn’t really want to fuck the young and dynamic leader of the so-called free world she was merely doing it to save us all from the perils of nuclear holocaust! I guess it was just easier and more convenient to pop into the White House for a quickie in the Oval Office than to nip over to Moscow to suck off Khrushchev.

Kennedy, for his part, also presumably thought he was doing his bit for world peace and international relations by simultaneously knobbing a Czech, a Chinese, an East German, an American and, if he had the energy, his wife. Oh, and Marilyn Monroe.


according to Leary, Pinchot Meyer said she had shared in this plan with at least seven other Washington socialite friends who held similar political views and were trying to supply LSD to a small circle of high ranking government officials. Leary also claimed that Pinchot Meyer had asked him for help while in a state of fear for her own life after the assassination of President Kennedy.
According to his biography, Flashbacks Timothy Leary claims that Mary phoned him the day after Kennedy was assassinated saying: “They couldn’t control him anymore. He was changing too fast. He was learning too much... They’ll cover everything up. I gotta come see you. I’m scared. I’m afraid”.’

On 12th October, 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer was shot dead; murdered, apparently the victim of a hired assassin. As for that perpetual twat Timothy Leary, he would end up turning on, tuning in and dropping out to such an extent that he found himself sharing a prison cell with Charles Manson: but we shall return to old Charlie boy in the fullness of time.

First we must explore the nefarious links between the CIA and LSD and this, in turn, leads us to the activities of one Ronald Hadley Stark.

Ronald Stark
Poor old Ron, he had the kind of face even a mother would despise but whilst he may not have possessed good looks, or even a full head of hair, he did have a British passport. Official British sources have refused to reveal how Stark got hold of an authentic passport in the name of Terrence W Abbott, I guess in fear of recriminations; in much the same way as Ron’s wigmaker would never publically confess to having designed his shocking syrup*.

*Syrup: Cockney rhyming slang, short for syrup of figs = wig.

Ron also had a shitload of acid and a mission: to use LSD in order to facilitate the overthrow of the political systems of both the capitalist West and communist East by inducing altered states of consciousness in millions of people.

Which is similar, is it not, to the somewhat deranged ramblings of Mary Pinchot Meyer. The principle differences being that whilst Mary thought she could bring about global peace and a new world order simply by tripping out a few government top cheeses, Ron wanted to mind-fuck the entire world.

Now Ron would take over a hippie collective that went by the groovy name of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love who may well, at one time, have been a bunch of long-haired, dope smoking, peace loving sandal wearers but, with Ron’s elevation to head honcho, actually became an outlet for supplying most of the western world with CIA produced acid. Stark also had links in England with the psychiatrist R.D. Laing and the conspiracy theorists favourite wet-dream outlet the Tavistock Institute.

There is some circumstantial evidence to suggest that the free festival movement that was to burgeon and mushroom in England in the seventies was created specifically to disseminate the Brotherhoods LSD to the masses. Indeed, a massive LSD production operation based in Wales that was busted at the conclusion of the infamous Operation Julie has more than a trace of Ronald Stark’s fingerprints all over it. This operation was based in the tiny Welsh village of Llandewi Brevi which by then had as a resident one very out of place Londoner by the name of David Litvinoff; last heard off enjoying a bizarre ménage a trois scenario with his fella and a deranged Kray twin.

Although this LSD operation occurred after the incarceration of the twins Litvinoff’s presence is, nonetheless, indicative of the establishment of a trade route for the acid back to the big smoke in much the same way the Jack the Stripper victims were orchestrating the movement of speed across the capital.

Litvinoff, whose reputation was made as a ‘gangster consultant’ for the film Performance starring Mick Jagger, met a tragic end in 1975 when he became the latest of our glittering cast to succumb to one too many sleeping pills!

David Litvinoff, the only gay in the village
To recap: we have Ronald Stark supervising the production and distribution of CIA LSD across the US and Europe via the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, an organization described by the US government as “the dealing arm of Tim Leary’s League for Spiritual Discovery”; furthermore, US government prosecutors would receive testimony, in exchange for immunity, from William Mellon Hitchcock that he “had the ability to launder money through foreign bank accounts” and that he had assisted in setting up bank accounts in the Bahamas and Switzerland.

This bank account being with the CIA fronted Castle Bank and Trust based in the Bahamas that we have mentioned previously, and William Mellon Hitchcock who was the guy that shared a flat in London with Thomas Corbally, the CIA asset, who, you may recall, met Stephen Ward to discuss the Profumo affair and who shared Ward’s predilection for kinky parties.

As did the film-maker, Earl Fenton, another CIA asset, to whom Stephen Ward was feeding false information a là Operation Mockingbird.

All of which establishes a link between Ward and his cohorts and the US group that was providing CIA produced LSD to Mary Pinchot Meyer who, in turn, supplied it to JFK.

We also know that The Process: Church of the Final Judgement visited the Bahamas upon their departure from London in 1966. They claim that they were there searching for a place to continue their so-called psychological research, a place far away from the notoriety of being The Mindbenders of Mayfair as the tabloids called them. In reality they were there to establish a Castle Bank and Trust slush fund account before departing for the US to distribute their peculiar dogma to the primary purveyors of the CIA produced acid; the Californian love children. This being the first step in their master plan to invoke world peace via the means of a post global-race-war induced anarchy engineered by manufactured serial-killers!

Let us consider a brief timeline of events:

On August 3, 1963, Phillip Graham, the journalist and one-time Kennedy ally who informed the media about JFK’s affair with Mary Pinchot Meyer and the principle recipient of bogus stories via the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, is shot dead, purportedly, by his own hand.

This very same day, in London, Dr Stephen Ward, the man at the heart of the Profumo affair, dies from a supposedly self-imposed overdose of sleeping pills.

Three months later on November 22, 1963, John F Kennedy is shot dead in Dallas, Texas. On the same day the author, and new-world-order champion, Aldous Huxley also dies.

On October 12, 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer is shot dead by a hired assassin and with her demise the trail back to the CIA and its LSD operation is also terminated.

Indeed, if the CIA were convinced that LSD held the potential to brainwash world leaders, or at the very least lead them into compromising situations from which they would be vulnerable to blackmail, then it would not be too much of a stretch to surmise that the ensuing hippie phenomenon was a CIA construct designed to brainwash an entire generation into believing that love and peace and a flower in your hair would be enough to take their minds off the huge arse-fucking they were about to receive from corporate, capitalist America.

Given that the entire ‘flower-power’ movement was a very short-lived phenomenon, and that it had itself evolved from earlier sub-cultures, it may be too much of a stretch to claim that it was devised entirely as an establishment plot, however, the establishment links to the elements that were parachuted in to poison the movement (the Process, Manson etc.) are all too evident to witness.

Certainly the cum-stains of Ward’s girls can be found all over the events that led to the end of both the Macmillan and Kennedy administrations. It is a high profile conspiracy indeed that can cause regime change in two of the world’s most powerful nations.

But the links don’t stop there. On 28th October, 1962, Stephen Ward introduced Christine Keeler to the lawyer Michael Eddowes who would go on to provide legal assistance to Chrissie. Ward first met Eddowes when he treated him at his, Cliveden Set financed, London practice following a car accident. There, also in October of 1962, Ward introduced him to Soviet Naval attaché Eugene Ivanov.

In 1975 Eddowes published a book, Khrushchev Killed Kennedy, in which he argued that Kennedy was killed by a Soviet agent impersonating Lee Harvey Oswald.

Twenty-five minutes before the assassination of JFK someone telephoned the Cambridge Evening News in the UK warning of “big news” and suggested the paper call the US embassy in London. When this story emerged it was claimed the phone-call was anonymous. However, later that day a CIA officer based in London sent a telegram to their office in Washington claiming “some similar phone-calls of strangely coincidental nature previously received in this country over the past year, particularly in connection with the Dr Ward’s case.”

Which is a delicious coincidence, do you not think? Could Eddowes have made the calls? Could Eddowes have been working for British intelligence? Could Eddowes have been an informant?

It has been suggested that it was Michael Eddowes who introduced Chrissie to Paul Mann; Mann, we should remember, was suspected of being an MI5 agent by Johnny Edgecombe and Eddowes himself was known to boast of having been an intelligence officer.

The clear implication here is that the same people who snuffed out Ward for what he knew also took out JFK. Somebody, the mysterious caller, clearly also knew in advance these events were about to take place.

Another candidate for the mystery caller was a Russian journalist by the name of Victor Louis, real name Vitaly Yuvgenyevich Lui, who wrote for the Cambridge Evening News and who will crop up again in this affair. More circles within circles.

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