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Chapter 19 - Game, Set and Match

Anthony Blunt was a communist, one of many that emanated from Cambridge University in the 1930s. Anthony Blunt was also great friends with Victor Rothschild, a man who also worked for MI5 during the war and who was rumoured to have been the Fifth Man in the Cambridge ring of spies, alongside Blunt, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and Kim Philby.

So, irrespective of Rothschild’s possible involvement, Blunt was clearly not your run of the mill communist. Communism is about the social ownership of the means of production, in other words, a system in which the humble worker has a say, and a stake, in the production of wealth.

As opposed to the capitalist system whereby the means of production are owned and controlled by an individual or a family – such as the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s or the Astor’s – and where the workers have to be grateful for whatever crumbs of shit the owner deems them worthy of receiving.

Monarchies can flourish within a capitalist society because the power resides in the hands of the few and it is often the monarch who decides in whose hands this power rests. This power, of course, could be expanded exponentially through a merger between a monarch and a leading capitalist family, a la the rumoured Rothschild/Royal bastards. Monarchies also perpetuate the misapprehension that there exists a ruling class; somehow born with an innate ability to know what is best for the rest of us. In much the same way as the neo-liberal, capitalist apologists now spew guff about ‘trusting the markets’ and how it is fine for the rich to get richer as, ultimately, some of their vast wealth will ‘trickle down’ to the rest of us.

Monarchies don’t do so well in communist societies because power rests, theoretically at least, in the hands of the oppressed masses who tend to resent the former power and wealth of the monarchs and who are, therefore, more inclined to line up the said monarchs, and their stooges, in front of a wall for a spot of shooting practice or to place their necks at the sharp-end of a guillotine.

Blunt, however, accepted both a job and a knighthood from the British monarchy. Clearly then his form of communism was either, an affectation, or, some bizarre hypothetical British hybrid in which the proletariat would, presumably, be assuaged by the nationalisation of certain key industries but where the ultimate head of these nationalised industries would still be the monarch.

In other words, fuck all changes.

So why send a traitor to retrieve information that is, at the very least, highly sensitive and, at the worst, would confirm that the Hanoverian monarchy has no legitimate claim to the British crown?

Queen Victoria was, in fact, the last Hanoverian ruler of the United Kingdom as all her descendants would take the patrilineal title of Saxe-Coburg Gotha from her husband Prince Albert until 1917 when King George V realised, three years into World War I, that the Germanic name may not play too well with those brave British souls whose guts were being spilled over an aristocratic family tiff! So, they replaced it with the far less German-sounding title of Windsor.

In the logical scheme of things the communist Blunt would have told his Soviet masters that A: King Edward VIII was a Nazi loving shit who would have happily sold the entire Russian nation down the river for the price of a crown, and, or, B: that the British royal family were, in fact, Rothschild bastards.

In either event this would have been Intel that the Russians would have been extremely interested in. But, if they ever got this memo, they did nothing with it.

Inbred hipsters: King George V (on the right) and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia play at dressing-up in German uniforms in 1913

Now conventional British wisdom implies that it won World War II, although the reality is that at the outset of the war the only global superpower on the world stage was the old British empirical war-horse. At wars end, however, there were two superpowers contesting the global willy-waving competition and neither of them spoke the King’s English. Though, to be fair, due to an in-bred stammer, neither did the King!

In reality America and Russia divided up the post war spoils whilst Germany was sent to sit on the naughty step for five minutes before resuming control of non-communist Europe. Britain’s prize for oppressing the Nazis was decades of rationing and squalor and the mother of all mortgages to be paid, until centuries end, to its US overlord. But hey, on the plus side, the in-bred Hanoverian fuckwits held on to their throne; a fact still rejoiced today by the flag-waving, Daily Mail reading, brain-dead, middle-class masses that populate the Home Counties.

And there you have it, for really there is no difference between the Yanks, the Reds, the Krauts and the Brits for they are all ruled by the self-same cabal of self-serving individuals.

You are now hopefully becoming aware that the stakes are high here, that life has no meaning to these people - yours and mine. We are mere pawns in a vast game of chess. 
They are prepared to do whatever it takes to stay alive and on the top of the pile of life whilst we engage in a massive race-to-the-bottom.

However, what with all the politics and the wars taking their eye off the ball they inadvertently allowed a global population explosion. The common people are becoming increasingly dangerous to this elite club and they are having trouble controlling us. We can rise and exterminate them anytime we want: we are many, they are few; our offspring numerous, theirs scarce; we are breeding as fast as insects, they as slow as elephants. Worse; they have been resting on their laurels counting their money whilst we had to plan and execute all the work they wanted us to do; forming the tools and industry to do it; so we can make things, they nothing.

Having been forced to think on our feet we now have the brains, they none. All this means only one thing, something that frightens them; they need us, we sure as hell don’t need them. So they control our economy; it is our Achilles-heel.

They literally own the world, they have seen to it that we have to live our lives in debt to the banks; they own our food, they own our homes, they own our jobs, they own us...with our own money!

We face continual attacks on our living standards, our working conditions, our pensions and our savings and this is deliberate. It is divide and conquer. Keep us in the shit so that we fight each other for the next Pound, Dollar or Euro; anything, so long as we don’t stand up to them.

To keep this power in one place they only breed amongst themselves. I know, I was denied the chance to marry one of the girls of nobility that I knew; they said so, and they made it so.

This control is not so obvious; they cover it in a sugar-coating called ‘democracy’, making sure most of the people we can vote for are, in reality, theirs. They make sure names are changed to avoid us suspecting anything as most of the people ruling and running the country ‘for us’, are, in fact, related to each other. A point in case would be the former British Prime Minister David Cameron whose wife Samantha’s step-father, William Astor (a Committee of 300 member), is the son of the Lord Astor I used to meet at Cliveden House with Ward.

Hence Ward and his team were always trying to keep track of all the names and planned marriages.

There was no way we could work-out who was who without those genealogical ledgers, and finding who had the ledgers wasn’t easy either as those that held them would be people on those lists! These were the Establishment’s list of those they considered eugenically pure and a record of where they had stashed the blue-blood-bastards for safe up-keeping. It didn’t matter who you fucked, but if you wanted to breed you had to consult the ledgers.

So Ward was physically inserting people into various homes, using sex-shows, organising orgies, shagging the occupants shitless, then, with them exhausted and asleep, they were sneaking around looking for clues. Very crude, very time-consuming, very risky, but what else was there? Rothschild, Rockefeller, Courtauld, Astor, these are some of the top families that are related to each other, controlling big business. Not all are bad people and this makes it harder to spot anything.

Even the Bauer family, German media barons, and the most notorious masters of the black occult and human sacrifice in the world, are amongst us, but are called something else today. In the 1760s – the decade that the Hanoverian George became King of England – Mayer Amschel Bauer, a banker from Hanover, changes his name to Rothschild; German for red shield, and a new world order is born.

Aware that they are few, and decimated by the first and second world wars, they have continued to father illegitimate children to make up the numbers, to have ‘money in the bank’ and to guard against war and pestilence.

Anthony Blunt was one of their half-breed bastards; Anthony Blunt was a ‘spare’, Anthony Blunt was their agent.

Blunt may well have been a traitor to his country, but not to his monarch; from whose saggy teats he continued to gain nourishment long after his seeming betrayal.

So, what was the glue that bound this eugenics based master-plan together?

Enter the Astor family led Cliveden Set.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) was created in 1919. It is now known as Chatham House and it claims to be a leading global think-tank that ruminates on international affairs and policy, however, given it is largely funded by donations from big-business it is, in reality, a mouthpiece for corporations and the establishment. The Astor family were major financial backers of the RIIA and Waldorf Astor was appointed its chairman. The American equivalent to the RIIA is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The RIIA and CFR set up Round Table Groups (based on the King Arthur myths) which were initially named by Cecil Rhodes ‘Association of Helpers’.

High ranking Freemason, son of a vicar, and Cliveden Set member, Cecil Rhodes also created the Rhodes Scholarship to bring together select men from the English speaking world and Germany to learn how to bring in the one-world government agenda that they had long coveted.

Another founder of those Round Table groups was the author Aldous Huxley - whose mind-control quote you read earlier – who was a member of a group called the “Children of the Sun”, a Dionysian cult that promoted the one-world-government agenda so beloved of Britain’s elite. Another member was the spy Guy Burgess.

The Cliveden Estate of the Cliveden Astor’s has played an important role in the preparation of Rhodes Scholars, who were duly apprenticed into the one-world-government scheme of promoting and preserving the welfare of the one-percenters. Bill Clinton being a perfect example of a beneficiary of a Rhodes scholarship; Clinton later served as US President from 1993-2001.

The principle members of the Cliveden Set were: Geoffrey Dawson, editor of the London Times newspaper that was owned by the Astors; Philip Kerr (Lord Lothian), author and politician; Edward Wood (Lord Halifax), politician; William Montagu, 9th Duke of Manchester, politician; Robert Brand and Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor, wife of Waldorf Astor - of the prominent, and extremely wealthy, Astor family - and mother of William Astor. William Astor, you will recall, gave Stephen Ward a cottage at his Cliveden residence and it was here that John Profumo met Christine Keeler and, in so doing, sowed the seeds of his downfall.

Philip Kerr and his reading material of choice
The Cliveden Set was an extremely influential group of right-wing high-flyers who were keen that Britain avoided war with Germany at all costs.

Why then would the Cliveden Set take a supposed communist sympathiser and traitor such as Stephen Ward under their wing if he was as diametrically opposed to their political aims as history contends?

History, written as it is by the victors, has tried to portray the Cliveden Set not as pro-fascists but as seeing the Nazis as the solution to what they considered to be the Jewish and communist problem. In other words, that one should just ignore the Nazis and let them gas all the Jews to extinction before fighting themselves to death in a mutually destructive conflict with the communist Russians. One stone, three birds, happy days!

So, the Cliveden Set were not then fascists; just loveable, cuddly, pro-democracy anti-Semites!

Of course, you don’t have to be a member of the aristocracy to be a fascist; they come in all shapes and classes, however, it is only the upper-classes that have a vested interest in preserving the status quo and protecting the old order.

Indeed, the old order very much shared the Cliveden Set’s pro-appeasement policy. It wasn’t just the ex-king Edward that was keen to suck on some German sausage; his brother Prince George, the Duke of Kent was equally as partial.

Eddie, Adolf and the boy Simpson
Prince George died on August 25th 1942, at the age of 39, on board an RAF flying boat which mysteriously crashed into a Scottish hillside whilst, supposedly, on a hush-hush mission to Iceland.

Bizarrely Prince George had with him a briefcase full of 100 Kroner notes, worthless in Iceland, handcuffed to his wrist, leading to speculation that the flight was actually on a military mission to Sweden, the only place Kroner notes were of any value.

There was also a mysterious extra person on-board the plane that night, one not on the official list of passengers; a certain Rudolf Hess, who was being surreptitiously returned to the bosom of the Nazi’s having safely delivered the ledgers. The poor, rambling unfortunate who was subsequently put on show at the Nuremburg trials and then spent the remainder of his life banged up in solitary at Spandau was a double.

In the normal course of events you might imagine that a dead Prince, martyred, and burnt to a crisp as he was for the greater good of the nation that he loved, would be a tragedy that would be seared, irrevocably, into the hearts and minds of every single God-fearing, Queen loving, Union Jack waving, poppy wearing, rule Britannia singing Brit from the Outer Hebrides to Outer Mongolia. The kind of man whose eternally youthful visage should be preserved in a suitably heroic pose and rendered in bronze at every war memorial the length and breadth of the UK. A memorial to be viewed by all in hushed tones and from where suitably reverential, modern day, Royals would bow, scrape and place a wreath in honour of his, ultimate, sacrifice for his country. As it is, I’ll bet you’ve never even heard of him.

Why would that be? Why would the dark masters of spin miss this greatest of all opportunities to perpetuate the age-old myth of regal nobility; that the shit of the aristocracy does not, indeed, stink, but does, in fact, fall from the royal cheeks in a pleasing hue of red, white and blue; that it carries upon it the heady bouquet of perfumed roses and that if you were to spread it on your garden it would yield an eternal supply of golden rhubarb?

The answer, of course, is because the Duke, as with the rest of his ancestors, siblings and progeny, was a Hanoverian and was, therefore, as German as sauerkraut and lederhosen and, as such, it should come as no surprise that he should die in league with his adopted nation’s enemy and with his cold, dead, hands still grasping the foreign blood money.

Churchill, on the other hand, did not buy into this pro-appeasement bullshit and was not about to be bullied into peace talks with the Nazis and so war was the only outcome.
One should never forget though that the official reason for Britain declaring war with Germany was because the Nazis had invaded Poland; although when the Russians did the exact same thing a mere two-weeks later the Brits said fuck all and, indeed, the Poles found their Baltics gripped in a Soviet vice until 1990.

Ultimately, the only winner from the conflict in Europe was the Americans, who emerged as a fully-fledged super-power; a point not lost, I am sure, on the half-Yank Churchill.

The Nazis, as you will recall if you’ve studied your Indiana Jones, were well into the occult and were quite famous for their views on the promotion of the Aryan race. Indeed in the year of our Lord, and Jack the Ripper, of 1888, Helena Blavatsky described the Aryan race as having begun about a million years ago in Atlantis. Now whilst this is clearly bollocks it did heavily influence Nazi thinking and does, essentially, name check a pre-flood civilisation that the Nazis subsequently attached themselves to.

Which brings us to Josef Mengele and his ‘Boys from Brazil’; Mengele is famously reviled for the human experiments he carried out on the inmates at Auschwitz and is rumoured to have developed the ‘trauma-based’ system of mind-control. This system manipulates a mechanism of the mind that shuts out memories of extreme trauma; in essence a person who has suffered systematic abuse will enter a disassociated state of mind from where they become more susceptible to hypnotic command whilst in these trance states.

This work originated from the initial post WWI studies of the Tavistock Institute on shell-shocked soldiers but the dissociative method works best on young children. This form of conditioning is allegedly pan-generational and so is passed on from one generation to the next. It is from this facet that the term Monarch mind-control was conceived; the Monarch butterfly remembers where it was born and it passes this knowledge, via genetics, on to its offspring who can then travel to this location despite never having previously been there.

This would be perfect for those, like the Nazis, who wished to create a ‘Master race’ as their subjects would be born with a preconceived notion of their ancestor’s abuse and conditioning.

One wonders if the inspiration for Ira Levin’s book, ‘Boys from Brazil’, in which Mengele attempts to create clones of Hitler – was actually based on an attempt to recreate an Aryan complete with their purported psychic ability?

There exists amongst the gargantuan annals of the internet a conspiracy theory that claims that Maria Anna Schicklgruber – Hitler’s Grandmother – had been a servant at the Rothschild mansion in Vienna before leaving when she found herself mysteriously knocked up*; could it be that Hitler was a bastard Rothschild?

*Knocked up = infantile slang employed by the author to imply a pregnancy.

All in all this connection to an ancient ancestry does seem to provide a common cause between the traditional powers and could imply that Hitler and the Windsors’ were cousins, or something equally as fucked up!

But, alas, there is no definitive proof and I wouldn’t expect to find any either. These people are organised and run ‘the Establishment’, the country, they are masters at hiding things and they are also the same people who we would ask to look for things, to investigate things! They are in total control.

Ultimately, we are just puppets along for the ride. But we are becoming aware, we have communications undreamed of 100 years ago, and are slowly getting into contact with others who ‘know’, and are piecing it together. But there’s no way can we win unless we strike lucky. As I’ve indicated, Ward had photos of their evil; he used these photos to blackmail several highly-placed people for information and protection. These people killed him. Then they destroyed his network.

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