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Chapter 23 - A Few conclusions

Roger Hollis, the DG of MI5, has been accused publically of being a Russian spy, as has Stephen Ward – he wasn’t – and the Cambridge Five; Burgess, Maclean, Philby, Blunt and one other, have been famously outed as being communists and traitors.

This other, as yet unknown, ‘traitor’ was most likely Victor Rothschild. We have already briefly touched upon the Rothschild’s and their status amongst conspiracy theorists is the stuff of legend; so need to repeat, suffice it to say, he makes an unlikely communist on the face of it.

Now I cannot honestly claim to know the true political affiliations of all of the above but they do all seem very establishment to me! Blunt continued to work for the Palace even after he confessed his treachery (remember the 1948 quote from the King's private secretary: “That's our Russian spy”, I’m guessing the emphasis was on the ‘our’ part), Ward was being funded and housed by the Cliveden Set and the Cambridge Five were supposedly recruited by the Soviets BEFORE they were employed by the secret services. How could the Reds know that they would become valuable assets with access to top secrets?

Unless the intelligence they were feeding back to the Soviets was travelling with full British approval.

An assertion that gains validity when we discover that Anthony Blunt secured his role in MI5 on the say-so of Victor Rothschild.

World War II ended because the American atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed the game. Suddenly one side had a weapon of mass destruction and a potential monopoly on the global power stakes.

This monopoly on power had previously been the preserve of the Brits and they desperately wanted to cling onto their place at the top-table. Solution. Pass on atomic secrets from your American allies to their Russian enemies so that they can develop the exact same weapon. What then ensues is a forty year stalemate while both sides debate as to who can piss the highest.

Whilst the Brits no doubt thought that this interregnum would provide them with a window of opportunity to develop weapons of its own and regain its pole-position, it also allowed plenty of time for the corporate rape and takeover of the western world. An advantage clearly not lost on Victor Rothschild and his family.

Ultimately this brinkmanship, and not to mention betrayal, could have had globally catastrophic consequences and, obviously, should evidence of it exist, in say a security box in a bank in Baker Street, then the potential to unleash hell would have been all too real.

Certainly, by 1963, and with Philby having fled to Moscow twelve years after Burgess and Maclean had blazed a traitor trail, and MI5 having been definitively told about Blunt’s treachery, then the imperative would have switched to a clean-up operation. To an operation to protect Blunt at all costs.

This is why Ward had to die.

This is why his girls had to die.

Stephen Ward was an undoubted mind-control expert, but could he really programme someone to kill; to create a Manchurian candidate?

Ward’s girl Ruth Ellis could be cited as just such an example. Certainly one of the bullets that smashed into the torso of David Blakely was shot from point-blank range and, therefore, must have been fired by Ellis.

But what then of the role of the MI5 asset and “crack shot” Desmond Cussen who was lurking in the bushes as Blakely breathed his last?

It seems likely that whoever orchestrated Blakely’s slaying did not have complete confidence in Ruth’s ability to go through with this execution and so procured an insurance policy that would lurk in the Hampstead shadows like a tramp on a grassy knoll.

Perhaps creating a programmed assassin was just a step too far?

Let us return to Ruth Ellis’s last letter from prison, the letter addressed “To the Few I know”. Ruth had been a nightclub hostess of many years standing and knew, probably, hundreds of people, prominent people; and what of her curious use of the capital F? In Britain ‘the Few’ were the airmen who thwarted the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain – never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed to so many by so few - and it was these self-same Few that frequented the White Hart public house in Brasted which was also frequented by Ruth Ellis, her husband George and Stephen Ward. The same White Hart public house that was also frequented by the spies Burgess and Maclean. The same White Hart public house that was run by the ex-naval intelligence officer, Teddy Preston. 

Celebrating ‘the Few’ at the White Hart
The family of the spy Donald Maclean lived in the same village as the family of the slain Ellis victim David Blakely; Penn in Buckinghamshire. Was this a mere coincidence, or could Blakely have known the truth about Maclean and his ‘spying activities’? It would certainly explain Ellis’s reluctance to provide an alibi for the shooting as it “seemed traitorous – absolutely traitorous.”

It would also explain the necessity to protect Blunt by wiping out Ward and his team. 
Perhaps the likes of Burgess, Maclean and Philby were the Stalin worshiping comrades that history tells us and they were duly sending back secrets to Uncle Joe – only they had been stitched up by the royal bastard Blunt who had seen to it that they only ever handed over exactly what the Brits wanted them too. This would certainly explain why Blunt was so protected and for so long.

Therefore, if Ruth had been recruited and trained to support a team that were ensuring that only selective information was passed on to the Soviets and Blakely somehow threatened this operation then he would have to go. Remember, it would have been absolutely imperative that the Americans never discover this deception. Better to admit that Britain had been infiltrated by Reds under the bed than that this was actually a state sponsored programme to deliberately drip-feed American atomic secrets to the Russians.

So, what if rather than a state sponsored programme to create assassins we have a state sponsored programme to create patsies – convenient victims programmed to take responsibility – that were being run by ex-RAF pilots.

Remember that top RAF Battle of Britain pilot Leonard Cheshire and his wife were in cahoots with the Tavistock Institute.

Remember also that the procurement of sexually incriminating blackmail materials was a key strand of this strategy.

Felix de Wolfe, who lived next door to Lord Franks and in the same apartment as the Process Church head-honchos, was a former RAF intelligence man. After the war he became a theatrical agent.

One of Felix’s clients was the actor Roddy McDowall who, in the mid-seventies, was arrested by the FBI over the possession, and alleged pirating, of his extensive film collection. McDowall was an avid collector of 16mm movies and would convert these movies onto video cassettes. Interestingly, McDowall purchased a large part of his collection from Errol Flynn, who, you may remember, was outed as a Scientologist by L. Ron Hubbard Jr. McDowall, ultimately, was not charged with any offence largely because, at that time, VCR’s were not commercially available and this allowed McDowall to argue that there was no existing market for his home-made copies.

Now, whilst that was certainly true, this story does primarily concern the possible pirating of movies and any associated copyright breaches, it does not mention what the nature of these movies was. McDowall does mention in his testimony that some of his ‘clients’ were introduced to him by his agent, Felix de Wolfe. It also establishes McDowall as someone who possessed the requisite technology to have been copying illicit movie materials. Snuff-movies perhaps?

Which all serves to remind me of Charles Manson’s claim that ‘Dennis Wilson gave me a $5,000 videotape, TV thing for tapes that fit only to an elite bunch (porno ring) that was worldwide.’ Could Roddy McDowall have been part of that ring?

Could, therefore, the Processeans mentor, Felix de Wolfe have been the conduit for so many of McDowall’s prominent US contacts?

The following extract comes from the actor, and de Wolfe client, Robert Lindsay’s book, Letting Go.

Me and My Girl opened on Broadway in 1985 and the above clearly demonstrates that de Wolfe had long-standing ties to the US scene. Ties that, by then, may not have seemed too impressive to Lindsay, but long-standing ties to the American show business industry nevertheless.

Snuff-movies were the reason Charles Manson gave for his ordering of the slaying of Roman Polanki’s wife and the Cielo Drive atrocities. Manson’s ‘family’ would also serve as the perfect example of willing and able patsies.

Manson, though, was likely involved in very similar operations himself, and, besides, could hardly claim to be an arbiter of morality, so why did he get the Cielo Drive gig? Probably because he gave a guarantee of causing maximum shock, horror and outrage that would incur total panic amongst middle-America.

Manson was connected to The Process: Church of the Final Judgement who also, lest we forget, produced some pretty effective stooges of their own and had been linked with both Sirhan Sirhan and David Berkowitz, who claimed that at least one of the Son of Sam murders was videotaped for the snuff market.

Manson seems to have been a Process sponsored goon employed to provide a clean-up service that ensured that any Process shaped fingerprints were well and truly wiped and to carry on on the Jack the Stripper style removal of key witnesses and to obfuscate the very high-level governmental connections operating behind the scenes.

Circles within circles; ripples across an ocean.

We should also remember that Felix de Wolfe and Robert de Grimston lived next door to Rhodes Group and Rockefeller operative Lord Oliver Franks who believed that America was still a British colony. That being the case he would also, presumably, believe that any American secrets were, in essence, British secrets that they could do whatever they liked with.

Could the Processeans have been a product of Oliver Franks murky New World Order?

Even in 2016, a full forty years after the Son of Sam atrocities, David Berkowitz found himself being moved to a new secure institution simply for mentioning the Process in a letter. Clearly, someone is still protecting The Process: Church of the Final Judgement, but who, and why?

The bitter truth is that the Processeans, like the Scientologists, like Son of Sam, like Charles Manson, like Christine Keeler, like Ruth Ellis etc. are all the products of state sponsored attempts to suppress the masses to protect insidious regimes.

The likes of the Cliveden Set and their acolytes such as Lord Franks were ultimately believers in the supposed supremacy of the British Empire and would do whatever it took to maintain and preserve it. If this meant providing misinformation to the US, then so be it, if this meant feeding atomic secrets to the Reds, then no problem. Franks personally employed three of the Cambridge five when he was Ambassador to the US. Was he aware of their supposed communist allegiances? Of course he was. Roger Hollis would have ensured that. It would, therefore, appear likely that the actions of Philby, Maclean and Burgess were not traitorous or treacherous in the accepted sense of the term but were, in fact, actually designed to protect the Empire at whatever means. I have no doubt that they may well have passed sensitive information to the Russians, but ultimately with the connivance, and sanction, of the British secret services.

Stephen Ward, like Philby, Maclean and Burgess before him, was sacrificed to protect the higher-ups; the likes of Anthony Blunt and Victor Rothschild. How else could Blunt have remained in such exalted company and retained such high-held positions for so long after the emergence of his ‘treachery’ unless he remained an asset?

It was the evidence of this activity, and the extent of the cover-up, that was being purged from the vaults of the Baker Street branch of Lloyds Bank.

Of course, these theories are no more than speculation on my part; accumulated from information purloined from the world-wide-web, assembled by other researchers, and combined with my own experiences to form this analysis. However, I wasn’t there so I cannot vouch entirely for it.

To be fair I wasn’t there when the Stripper Killer victims met their maker, but I moved in those circles and knew all the supporting cast: I knew Ward, I knew Rachman, I knew Asher and I knew Miller.

Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice-Davies, Mariella Novotny, Vickie Barrett, John Profumo, George Harrison-Marks; all players in this drama and all friends of mine.

Robert de Grimston, Mary Ann MacLean, Felix de Wolfe, L. Ron Hubbard, DCI Samuel Herbert; none of these people entered my orbit, but I knew their type and I know enough to piece this all together. If I choose to defame, slander or libel them then I do so with the confidence that time will prove me correct.

If I am wrong then let them open the files and prove it; let the public see what the Establishment wishes to keep concealed.

Stephen Ward was, in many ways, my mentor and I his muse. Just like Chrissie and just like Mandy. He showed me the ropes; how to join them and how to climb them. If I hadn’t left for Australia I could have inherited his operation. I was his apprentice. Of course, I didn’t realise it at that time - I was just a young boy - but somebody had to carry on his work. Someone will have carried on his work. I had a narrow escape.

Stephen Ward was neither pimp nor traitor but, depending on your point of view, he was possibly something far worse. He operated a finishing school for mind-control victims.

Vulnerable young men and women who were being probed, examined, assessed and audited for one reason; to discover their weaknesses. Once they had it, you were theirs. If they couldn’t find an obvious flaw they would engineer a compromising situation and record it and use this tool to blackmail you. You were theirs.

Stephen Ward was, after all, a trained intelligence operative schooled in these dark arts. Dark arts, old as time immemorial, but refined by the sinister Tavistock Institute before being deployed by their sponsors and agents.

Let me summarise my conclusions.

The contents of the mysterious Baker Street security box contained:

Stephen Ward’s blackmail cache: The contents of which could have brought the British monarchy crashing down and severed forever the so-called ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK; it contained details, and images, of the sexual assignations of the Dolphin Square set: politicians, civil-servants, judges, clergymen, businessmen, actors, musicians, aristocrats and royalty; often with minors, often with members of the same sex and often of acts of dubious legality. It contained details that would prove that Britain was deliberately allowing US atomic secrets to be passed on to Russia. It also contained details of the genealogical ledgers that identified those who may possess the ancient, psychic gene.

The existence of this cache would lead to the downfall of both the then government and Stephen Ward. Ward made powerful enemies.

This cache, which included contributions from numerous sources, locations, photographers and cinematographers, passed through many hands after Ward’s death. It is highly likely that the lawyer David Jacobs died because of what he knew about this cache and its location, and certainly the ‘spy’ Anthony Blunt was actively pursuing it.

It landed up in the hands of Michael de Freitas, aka Michael X, who embellished it with information concerning which police officers were on the payroll, which officers were shagging which whores and the cast-lists of certain home-movies. This included details of the arrangement with DCI Samuel Herbert to bring down Stephen Ward and to dispose of the victims of the on-going snuff-movie racket, known colloquially as the Jack the Stripper murders.

These victims included Hannah Tailford; amongst whose autopsy report was a map of the Brick Lane area in the East End of London. A strange thing to be included in an investigation into the death of a west London tart methinks.

The significance though was that it provided an evidential link between the supply of amphetamines that were travelling from right to left across the capital via the west London brasses and their suppliers: the notorious Kray twins.

A supply trail that could only continue to exist, much like the Kray twins criminal empire, with the connivance of a cabal of bent coppers.

The Kray twins were not only providing the speed, however, they were also providing a ready supply of care home boys ripe for abuse, murder and potential blackmail situations.
Abuse by the likes of Lord Boothby and Tom Driberg; MP’s from opposite sides of the political floor but high profile enough to require that their misdemeanours be hushed up. Particularly as Driberg was an MI5, and possibly KGB, informer.

Boothby, meanwhile, was fucking not just young boys and gangsters but also the Prime Minister’s wife, and possibly also the Queen Mother, whilst Driberg, thanks to his stint as the William Hickey gossip columnist had his own dodgy dossiers dishing the dirt on the great and the good. All of which made these two immune from the usual blackmail threats that emanated from Ward’s cache of filth.

All of which made MI5 very twitchy. None of this could come out. Ever.

MI5, and its American counterparts the CIA, were the chief beneficiaries of the mind-control techniques that the Tavistock Institute had developed on their behalf. These mind-control victims in the UK were being handled by a clique of highly-trusted former RAF Battle of Britain pilots.

MI5 opted to primarily utilise this mind-control programme to expand its own blackmail dossiers and in so doing found that snuff-movies were a particularly useful tool for adding contacts to its ever expanding mailing list of perverts. It also learnt that the snuff-movies made for a particularly useful tool in providing trauma based imagery when ‘training’ new Project Monarch mind-control recruits.

Roman Polanski proved to be an enthusiastic participant in directing these movies after George Harrison Marks’s early efforts proved rather uninspiring.

The Americans preferred to focus their efforts onto the ‘benefits’ that LSD could bring; specifically, or so they hoped, a means to blackmail an entire generation in much the same way that religion had done up to now. That failed. As did their attempt to blackmail Kennedy when he threatened to break up their cosy regime; both Kennedy and his potential blackmailer/drug supplier, Mary Pinchot Meyer, had to die in order to keep that quiet.

Not that the Americans were slow to see the advantages of the snuff-movie either. They happily allowed Polanski to ship his operation to the west coast just as they were happy to allow The Process: Church of the Final Judgement to set up shop in New York, San Francisco and LA – after being properly financed and tooled via stop-offs at the CIA bank in the Bahamas and then Mexico. The Processeans being the ideal vehicle with which to recruit the disaffected and absolutely the last thing the public would associate with the CIA, the US government or the Establishment in general.

The Process: Church of the Final Judgement were the vanguards of a movement that was designed to bring panic and fear to the streets; to orchestrate and engineer murders and serial killers, to promote racial intolerance and division and to dispense mayhem. All so that we, the general public, willingly give up our hard-earned freedoms in the, so-called, name of personal safety.

The Process, just like Stephen Ward before them, are front-men for intelligence operations.

Things went tits-up for the snuff operation though when it became just a little too well known on the Hollywood circuit. Afraid that idle gossip may scupper the operation the Processeans were sent to approach Charlie Manson, another intelligence asset, to demand that he solve the Polanski situation. He did. And in such a way that was guaranteed to bring maximum public outrage and horror.

Rumours abound that the slaying of Polanski’s wife and friends was also captured for posterity on Super-8; to be viewed only by the select few on the sicko circuit.
In practice the intelligence agencies had themselves the perfect little set-up. Whenever you wanted some dirty work done you could send along one of your pre-prepared, pre-programmed minions; safe in the knowledge that should they be caught you could blame it all on the evil, black-magic, devil-worshipping Satanists.

This was the late sixties – by which time I was safely tucked up in the bosom of Oz – and it must have become clear to the Tavistock collaborators that what had seemed such a great idea initially was now taking a great deal of time and effort just to keep all the various plates spinning.

I guess a plan was needed to scale back on all this. By February 1971 Michael X was out of the UK and in Trinidad with an MI5 operative – the doomed Gale Ann Benson – ensconced within to keep an evil eye on his whereabouts. Meanwhile, back in the UK, MI5 were now free to launch the operation to capture any and all outstanding evidence against them.

On September 11, 1971 the Baker Street robbery commenced and the robbers left a cheeky message scrawled upon a wall: ‘Let’s see how Sherlock Holmes solves this one’.

Well, turns out you don’t need a Victorian sleuth to crack this case, just a teenage porn-star!

This is the culmination of thirty years of hard graft; the last ten getting into Ward, and the last two writing these memoirs, and all the while working rolling 24/7 shifts since 1990 and then full-time researching and writing since I became a pensioner. It almost gave me a mental breakdown.

Now I sit sipping whisky and enjoying life!

So thanks for letting me sound off. I just thought somebody else ought to know the score. Was this a weird enough story for you? If you believe me or not; that’s up to you, I can prove none of this, but one day I know I’ll be proved right. 


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  3. Hi Winpole Muse,

    I would appreciate knowing :

    Re ; Rachman

    the reason[s] why Rachman was in Ireland

    the reason[s] why Rachman was sentenced to prison in Ireland

    did Rachman actually serve his sentence ? ;
    If "No", why not ?

    Re ;
    The "Littlejohn" Brothers ; Sent from England by MI5 & MI6 to the Irish State – a foreign sovereign country – so as to rob banks, assassinate Irish nationalist politicians & revolutionaries, & to do other subterfuge stuff.

    What is their ethnic / religious background ? ; e.g. Kosher ?

  4. Dear Wimpole

    have you read gregg hallets books , there very interesting

    there is a 5 volume book set `the hidden king of England

    explaining how the rothchilds were the ones breeding with queen victoria not the gay Albert

    also explains the missions to recover those letters from Germany
    in his book , hiltler was a secret British agent
    so was Stalin too, both trained at tavistock

    re the krays been turned back at manchester Station
    apparently my father a club owner at the time was one of the group that was @ piccadilly station turning the krays away
    unfortunately my father was a pedo like the krays except his taste was for young girls n family

  5. Dear Wimpole

    have you read gregg hallets books , there very interesting

    there is a 5 volume book set `the hidden king of England

    explaining how the rothchilds were the ones breeding with queen victoria not the gay Albert

    also explains the missions to recover those letters from Germany
    in his book , hiltler was a secret British agent
    so was Stalin too, both trained at tavistock

    re the krays been turned back at manchester Station
    apparently my father a club owner at the time was one of the group that was @ piccadilly station turning the krays away
    unfortunately my father was a pedo like the krays except his taste was for young girls n family