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Chapter 7 - The teacher and the oracle

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Oz magazine article
Many sources claim that Mary Ann MacLean had travelled to the United States in her younger years and married the former boxer Sugar Ray Robinson. If this is true I have been unable to verify it, and I believe it is most likely spin. Indeed reliable information regarding mother Mary is hard to come by full stop.

Most accounts agree, however, that MacLean had been a prostitute.

A fact that will, I hope, become more significant as we progress.
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From ‘For Your Tomorrows’

process church, de grimston, maclean, de wolfe, stephen ward, scientology, wimpole muse,
From ‘Modern Satanism: Anatomy of a Radical Subculture

Details about her beau, ‘The Teacher’ aka Robert Sylvester Moor are, fortunately, slightly easier to obtain.

Robert Moor was born in Shanghai in 1935, curiously at a time when Shanghai seems to have been espionage central; the future MI5 chief Roger Hollis was in Shanghai at the time working as a ‘journalist’. Robert’s father, Oswald Moor, was a ‘shipping-clerk’ and the family returned to England when he was just one year old.  Robert’s father Oswald was the son of one Reverend Charles Moor, who was the son of one Reverend John Frewen Moor. This ancestry means he can lay claim to a line of descent from Anne of York, the elder sister of King Edward IV and King Richard III [source] making Robert someone of Plantagenet stock.

process church, de grimston, maclean, de wolfe, stephen ward, scientology, wimpole muse,

The Plantagenet’s claim an ancestry, via Eleanor of Aquitaine, from the Merovingian dynasty; the once and future kings, who, legend has it are the descendants of Jesus and who continue his bloodline.

The Plantagenet dynasty sprang from a union between Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry (later King Henry I of England) from the House of Anjou.

Legend clung to the House of Anjou; one such ran that they were descended from no less a person than Satan himself. It was told that Melusine, the daughter of Satan, was the demon ancestress of the Angevins. Her husband, the Count of Anjou, was perplexed when Melusine always left church prior to the hearing of the mass. After pondering the matter he decided to have her forcibly restrained by his knights while the service took place. Thus restrained, Melusine reportedly tore herself from their grasp and flew, birdlike, through the roof, taking two of the couple’s children with her and was never seen again.

So, it would appear that, the de Grimston’s are descendants of a metaphorical union between the son of God and the daughter of Satan! This is intriguing in light of the Process’s worshiping of both Christ and Satan.

The taking of the name de Grimston, which Mary allegedly insisted upon - apparently because the former whore thought it sounded classier - seems to have been contrived from a branch of Robert’s ancestors called the Grimston’s. The etymology of the word Grimston is in itself interesting: a Grimston hybrid being a term that represents a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and Viking words (ton is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning town or village, and Grimr is a Viking personal name).

This ancestry also likely relates Robert to Sir Harbottle Grimston who, by marriage, was related to Sir Francis Bacon and who took over his Gorhambury estate in St Albans after Bacon’s death. Harbottle also arranged for the coffin of Bacon to be removed from its, supposedly, eternal resting place in order that his own decaying cadaver could occupy the same hallowed space. What happened thereafter to Bacon’s remains is unknown. One possibility, though somewhat fanciful, is that Bacon merely suffered a ‘philosophical death’ (in other words he faked it) and that, therefore, what was actually buried at Gorhambury was something other than his rotting remains; and thus duly unencumbered by the burden of life Bacon was free to enter upon his labours for the Rosicrucian Order.

Which leads me to question if the de Grimston’s choice of name was quite as simple as it being something which imbued them with a touch of class?

Bloodlines are hugely significant. Plantagenet’s, such as Robert, claim a line of descent back through the Merovingian kings of France, who in turn, claim a Jewish descent from King David, King Solomon and from Jesus Christ through Mary Magdalene.

Sir Francis Bacon, himself a prime candidate to have been the true author of the works of William Shakespeare, is also rumoured to have been the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I; a claim which, if true, would tie Bacon himself into the Plantagenet/Merovingian bloodline. Bacon, as any good conspiracy theorist will tell you, is also the poster boy for certain secret societies such as the Rosicrucian’s.

A Grimston hybrid would also be a suitable term to describe the Processean’s religious views given that they claimed to worship both Christ and Satan. So perhaps the adoption of the name de Grimston is a clue; they are pronouncing themselves as the hybrids, and, as such, are the living embodiment of this secret, ancient, pseudo-divine lineage.

Back though in the years before this rebranding exercise was to take place Robert had duly served his time in the British Army before enrolling on a course in architecture at the Regent Street Polytechnic; an establishment that would also boast numerous members of Pink Floyd amongst its alumni.

However, the Oracle met the Teacher at a Scientology Dianetics class in 1963.

Scientology - and I speak as a lifelong atheist and card-carrying member of planet normal - is a brainwashing device used to entrap and enslave people. It is largely based upon the techniques developed by Aleister Crowley and his Thelema ‘religion’.

I shall use as a primary source of confirmation a 1983 Penthouse interview with L. Ron Fruitcake’s son L. Ron Hubbard Jr. To be entirely fair and balanced I should point out that the contents of this interview were recanted by Jr. some years later – most likely due to coercion and threats from high-ranking Scientologists – but I shall leave you to form your own opinion.

Now Jr. claimed to have left Daddies organisation back in 1959 but, nevertheless, he has a lot of interesting points to make, such as:

“Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it’s stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology”, being but one.

The Antichrist. Aleister Crowley thought of himself as such. And when Crowley died in 1947, my father then decided that he should wear the cloak of the beast and become the most powerful being in the universe”, is another.

Aleister Crowley; aka the Great Beast, 666, the wickedest man alive, et al, is every teenage occultist’s favourite icon; the poster boy for devil worship who was once quoted as saying: “I say today: To hell with Christianity…I will build me a new Heaven and a new Earth…I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything bad…”. As such, Crowley was a member of, or formed, numerous occult organisations such as the Golden Dawn, the A.A. and the O.T.O. All of these organisations were built upon a Masonic based progression system of initiations and rituals through which the adept journeys. The purpose of the initiation is so that the adept can experience a spiritual death and rebirth.

One such adept was the rocket scientist, and fellow O.T.O. member, Jack Parsons. So, given Hubbard’s friendship with, and well documented role in, Jack Parsons’ Moonchild experiment (where the two of them undertook one of Crowley’s occult rituals entitled the Babalon Working with the intention of summoning up a suitably fruity and freaky female who wouldn’t mind giving birth to Satan’s bastard offspring) then this is also highly telling;

He got hold of the book by Aleister Crowley called The Book of Law. He was very interested in several things that were the creation of what some people call the Moon Child. It was basically an attempt to create an immaculate conception”. 

Indeed, Jr. claims to have been born after just six months inside his mother’s womb and that his birth was an unintentional aspect of some botched abortion attempt that was linked to Hubbard senior’s Moonchild obsession.

Whilst probably just a genuine coincidence, we should note that at the exact same time that the Babalon Working rituals were taking place – January 1946 - the US Army Signal Corps were busy bouncing radar signals off the moon under the auspices of Project Diana.

All of this Moonchild nonsense seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to the plot of the movie Rosemary’s Baby, which was, of course, the brainchild of the kiddie-fiddling Polish film producer Roman Polanski whose actual unborn baby died when members of Charles Manson’s family tried to carve it directly from its mother’s womb.

Presumably, and I am only guessing, this Moonchild obsession is ultimately about human genetic engineering; alchemy for the digital generation whereby some sort of Satanic chimera is bred with an inherent propensity for undertaking the Devil’s work. By the way, Donald Trump was born six months after the Babalon Working – just saying!

It is clear that Hubbard was well aware of, and highly influenced by, Crowley so it seems likely that his own occult franchise would be modelled on Crowley’s lines and pursue the same initiatory and ritualistic practices.

One of the main – if not the sole – tool of suppression utilised by Scientology was sex:

In Dianetics and Scientology sex was a great means of control. You have complete control of someone if you have every detail of his sex life and fantasy life on record”.

Which is interesting: Dr Stephen Ward was compiling a similar register, including photographic evidence, of the sexual peccadillos of the rich and famous. As was Diana Dors (another client of Stephen Ward’s lawyer David Jacobs lest we forget) and her husband Dennis Hamilton. Celebrity paedophile Jimmy Savile – who gave a nauseating interview to the Process magazine - is rumoured to have avoided justice for so long because of what, and who, he knew. Ditto the fallen celebrity agent Max Clifford. Michael X – the British Black Power activist and sometime drug-dealing pimp and Rachman henchman – was rumoured to have deposited explicit photographs of Princess Margaret in a London bank for safe keeping so, it would appear, sexual profiling and blackmail was de rigueur in swinging London.

But let us return to Jr. and his tales of the unexpected.

“Penthouse: You mentioned that Scientology attracted a great many well-known or important people. Can you give us some examples?
Hubbard: Two of the people we were involved with in the late fifties in England were Errol Flynn and a man who was high up in the Labour Party at the time”.

We shall ignore Flynn and his swashbuckling, at least temporarily, and concentrate on the unnamed Labour MP.

“Penthouse: And what about this Labour Party official?
Hubbard: He was a double agent for the KGB and for the British intelligence agency. He was also a raging homosexual. He wanted my father to use his black-magic, soul-cracking, brainwashing techniques on young boys. He wanted these boys as his own sexual slaves. He wanted to use my father’s techniques to crack people’s heads open because he was very influential in and around the British government - plus he was selling information to the Russians. And so was my father.
Penthouse: Your father was selling information to the Soviets?
Hubbard: Yes. That’s where my father got the money to buy St. Hill Manor in East Grinstead*, Sussex, which is the English headquarters of Scientology today”.

*East Grinstead is also where Sir Archie McIndoe pioneered his ground-breaking techniques on burn victim soldiers.

Now, based on the scant details Jr. provides us, that Labour MP has to be Tom Driberg. Driberg was an interesting character who was connected widely with the Cambridge spy ring, the Kray twins, Lord Boothby and the seeming paedophile network that they operated. Driberg was also rumoured to have come into possession of Crowley’s diaries after the great beast’s death in 1947; it is not hard to see why Hubbard may have been drawn to Driberg. Driberg was a contemporary at Oxford of the MI5 boss Roger Hollis and was passing back information he obtained from the British Communist Party.

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Pervert politicians Driberg and Boothby
Let us see what other great pearls of wisdom spew seamlessly from the lips of the spawn of L. Ron.

“Penthouse: Did the Labour Party official get any of his young men via Scientology?
Hubbard: Yes. The British were ripe for Scientology. The British school system fosters lesbianism and homosexuality, because from the time you’re born until you’re in your twenties, all you see is the same sex. The schools are so segregated. And you’ll notice in Scientology the focus on sex. Sex, sex, sex. The first thing we wanted to know about someone we were auditing was his sexual deviations. You know, in actual fact, very few people exclusively practice missionary-style sex. So all you’ve got to do is find a person’s kinks, whatever they might be. Their dreams and their fantasies. And if you find that central core, their sexual drives and desires and fantasies, then you can fit a ring through their noses and take them anywhere. You promise to fulfil their fantasies or you threaten to expose them - very simple. And people do have outrageous sexual fantasies. Nothing wrong with that – I’m the last guy on earth who should make a value judgment about somebody’s sexual practices. But once you find their sexual core, you’ve got them. And you find this by brainwashing, through auditing, through interrogation, investigations, following them, photographing them, tapping their phones, whatever.
Penthouse: You did all that?
Hubbard: Sure”.

Wow. That is truly stunning information; confirmation that Scientology, and, by definition, its bastard offspring the Process Church, were established on the principles of sexual exploitation and blackmail techniques that can be traced back to Crowley and his practices. Considering that Crowley was also an intelligence asset then it seems clear that Crowley, rather than being a great occult practitioner was simply applying his intelligence taught mind-control techniques upon his adepts and acolytes and that most modern black-magic Satanist groups are merely intelligence fronts. But wait, there is more.

“Penthouse: Were there any other high level British government people in Scientology?
Hubbard: There was a member of Winston Churchill’s medical staff. We had him by the balls.
Penthouse: Did he give you any information about Churchill?
Hubbard: Yes, certainly. You see, these people didn't realize where their information was going. They always thought that in Scientology auditing they had the priest-confessor’s confidentiality - but it was never that way. People just assumed it, and still do. But everybody knew what was in everybody’s files”.

Ok, “a member of Winston Churchill's medical staff. We had him by the balls”. This was Stephen Ward, although it wasn’t quite like that.


  1. Most modern satanist groups lack intelligence of any kind. Btw calling yourself "normal" seems a bit far fetched. It's OK, I hope you are all right.